baths of nature

Walking nature in the Pyrenees
Bath o nature in the Pyrenees / Pixabay


Walking nature in the Pyrenees

This practice is particularly recommended and preferred in a perspective of well-being and health. It can achieve several goals such as improving cardiovascular capacity, weight loss, muscle toning, improving endurance ...

Walking nature will allow you to acquire more appropriate techniques to relax and reduce your stress. Gradually, you will be able to relax, to breathe better, to find a physical and a mental balance.



Walking nature in the Pyrenees

Any quiet places in forest or in mountain.

In the Pyrenees, you will find the best peacefull sites for walking nature.

Enjoy it with no limits !


Walking nature in the Pyrenees

People wishing to prepare themselves mentally and physically.


People wishing to find energy and serenity.